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Ravenhawk™ Books


Ravenhawk™ Books Submission Guidelines

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The 6DOF Group
7739 Broadway Blvd., #95
Tucson AZ 85710



Submitting Your Work to Ravenhawk™ Books

Before submitting to Ravenhawk™ Books

The Market List recommends you verify the market is active and accepting submissions before sending your manuscript via regular mail. You may verify a market status by either visiting their website, calling their listed phone number, or comfirming via regular mail that the market is still active before sending them your work.

To be sure your submission is appropriate for this market, we recommend you familiarize yourself with Ravenhawk™ Books by reading at least one of their titles before submitting.

If you have recently submitted to Ravenhawk™ Books or have experience with this market, please submit a comment below. Recent submission response times are always welcome and helpful to other writers.

From the Ravenhawk™ Books guidelines:


Submission Guidelines Details for Ravenhawk™ Books

Market Type: Book

Accepts: Contemporary, Fantasy, Humor, Horror, Literary, Mainstream, Mystery, Religious

Web Address: www.ravenhawk.biz