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Enjoyable 'Hanna's Resistance ' by Deborah Phipps and Delleon Weins a timely escapist read

Review by Michael Edwards

The third book in the Hanna Krusher series is about the evolutionary awakening of a 16-year-old girl, born blind and deaf but blessed to discover a higher, more purposeful world-saving "sight"/"telepathy" via the power of an Egyptian pendant. It is a timely escapist read. 
In an era where the phrase "and a child shall lead them" couldn't be more apropos (Greta Thunberg, anyone?), Hanna Krusher saving the planet from itself and long hidden dark forces living among us, makes for a great read.
Written by Deborah Phipps and Delleon Weins, Hanna's Resistance picks up where Hanna's Army (book two) left off. In book three, Hanna's army is ready but so are the Reptilians as they strike in a way none expected. Hanna and her team must go to a deeper level of enlightenment to confront and foil the Reptilians' plan.
In a world where 18 billionaires (otherwise known as the 1%) control more money than the rest of the world combined (this is the way the Reptilians, a malevolent alien race, have designed it), Hanna and her team rise as heroes. Hanna learns, not only are we are not alone in the universe, but that we have the power within us all, should we choose to awaken it, to save the world from itself.
What's enjoyable about Hanna's Resistance is that it doesn't just focus on the conflict of good versus evil, but on the abilities we as humans have yet to consider for ourselves: time travel, dimensional portals, intergalactic relations with benevolent alien races and other undiscovered human powers. It all seems rather "possible."
It's a fun book for young and old on "what if we aren't alone in the universe and, what if that in of itself is a good thing?"

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