Copywriting – A Very Brief Summary

What is copywriting?

Copywriting involves any and all of the words that you read that pertain to selling, promoting, educating, and informing. It's not enough to be great at selling. As a copywriter you have to be able to inform your readers while persuading them to take action through your words. There's a fine line here. If you come-off sounding like you're trying to sell something, you'll turn everyone off. Copywriting is the epitome of the fine art of persuasion couched in knowledge or information. Find your balance and your readers won't be able to resist whatever you have to offer.

Where are copywriters used?

Copywriters are used everywhere there's a need for copy. (Don't you love a definition that uses the word to define it?) To elaborate, copywriters write advertisements, sales letters, website content, technical brochures and manuals, public service announcements, articles, infomercials, newsletters, and anything and everything else you can think of. If there is a need to sell something, or provide information to the public, then it's highly likely a copywriter will be doing the work.

Who can become a copywriter?

Anyone can be a copywriter. You will need an above-average command of language, the ability to provide information to your readers, and the willingness to use persuasive language to get your them to take action. Some positions require a degree in Journalism, English, Communications, or other writing major, but in most instances your experience will be more important than a degree.

Why do we need copywriters?

Copywriting is a necessary aspect of our information driven society. Everything from brochures and technical documents, to advertisements and speeches rely upon the expertise of the copywriter.

How can I find work as a copywriter?

Finding work as a copywriter may be difficult when you first start out, because there are many seasoned writers who are already working in the copywriting field. You may have to take work that pays a little less than you'd expect initially. Once you gain some experience however, you will be able to quickly improve your situation with better clients and higher paying projects. If you're just starting out good places to look for copywriting work are everywhere online.

The pay may not be exactly what you're looking for, but you'll gain valuable experience in the copywriting field. After you've been working as a copywriter for awhile, you'll be able to determine where the best places will be for you personally to find work.

For instance, I've spent the past 7 years writing copy for lawyers. So the best place for me to find more copywriting work will be with lawyers writing material for their websites, blogs, and public relations campaigns.

Although this is a very brief summary of what copywriting is, I will be posting some more in depth information about the kinds of work you can do as a copywriter, as well as the projected career and wage outlook for the field. Connect with me here to get notified of any new posts.

(Artwork by Dave Correia




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