10 Places to Promote Your Book for Free

10 Free Places to Promote Your Book

You've published your book, and now you're looking for places to promote it on a skinny budget. Or better yet, for free.

Some free promotion sites require your ebook to be offered for free while advertised, but others allow full price listings.

Here is a list of sites where you can promote your book to a broad audience with zero advertising fees:


1. Marketlist.com: Online since 1994, Marketlist.com offers all participating members the ability to promote their books through the community advertising platform on the site. These ads are similar to paid advertisements, appearing in rotation on all pages of the site rather than just inline in a disappearing data stream. Link your ad to Amazon.com or other sales page.


2. Addicted to eBooks: Addicted to eBooks allows each book to be listed only once. The book's regular price must be $5.99 or less, and must be at least 100 pages long on Amazon. Your book must also have at least five reviews on Amazon and a family friendly cover. No erotica.


3. Digital Book Today: Digital Book Today produces a top 100 Best Free Kindle Books list that averages 15,000 free book downloads per day.


4. GoodKindles: When you submit your book to GoodKindles, it will appear at the top of their home page within 24 hours. GoodKindles does not require your book to be free or discounted.


5. eBooks Habit: For their free advertising package, your ebook must have 5 or more reviews on Amazon, and they do not accept erotica or books with graphic sex scenes.


6. Author Marketing Club: Author Marketing Club has a list of links for submitting your books to a variety of sites and genres.


7. BookDaily: BookDaily invites authors to set up a free account and promote their book to their readers. BookDaily introduces new authors by providing a sample chapter from the author's book.


8. Free Kindle Books & Tips: The majority of posts to the Kindle Books and Tips blog provides a mixture of free Kindle book offers to both the Amazon Kindle store and to sites other than Amazon, featuring discounted or “exclusive” deals to the blog readers. The book must have a four or five star rating, and at least 8 Amazon reviews.


9. Ignite Your Book: Your eBook must be available on Amazon.com. Books may only submitted once, and must be listed as free the entire time you indicate on the submission page. Books are featured for 14 days.


10. Book Junkie Promotions: There are multiple groups on Facebook for promoting your book at no cost, this is a link to one with over 20,000 members. Each group has unique terms for joining and promoting your book, but most allow you to post a cover image, blurb and link to your book in the main information feed on the group page. Search for groups using phrases like "Promote Your Book", "Advertise Your Book". Keep in mind you are marketing primarily to other writers, not necessarily readers. 

10 Free Places to Promote Your Book




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