Bestselling RomCom Byrd and the Bees on Sale for Short Time


    Emotionally bruised from a painful breakup, author Rebecca Byrd is further rattled when she learns that her father, whom she thought was an
    anonymous donor at a sperm bank, is very much alive and is the Laird of a massive estate in Scotland. Rebecca heads off to the “land of her
    people”—and is soon swept away into the colorful life of the Highlands and the delightful eccentrics who live there. Rebecca’s adventure begins when a swarm of stolen bees sends her careening into the arms of Gavin, a beautifully handsome Scot who just may be the true love she’s always longed for. But, Gavin’s startling connection to Rebecca’s past may put the kibosh on their romance before it has even started. Portion of proceeds from sale of paperback benefit Children's Hospital LA