Classifieds » Arts & Culture » The Casebook of Elisha Grey

Classifieds » Arts & Culture » The Casebook of Elisha Grey

The Casebook of Elisha Grey

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Three novelettes chronicling the cases of consulting detective Elisha Grey, of Atlantis, recorded by his roommate, Kiara Ptolmai -- "The Winged Dancer" about a missing multimorph; "The Chemist's Elixir" about a stolen medicinal formula; and "The Odalisques" about recruiting underaged women as brides.

Elisha Grey, graduate student in many sciences and private consulting detective in Atlantis, solves three different mysteries with the help of his roommate, Kiara Ptolmai, the daughter of an Atlantean diplomat and a woman from the far off region of the Caucasus, who records the adventures. Cases include solving the disappearance of a multimorph (human/animal hybrid); the theft of a chemical formula for a badly needed pain relieving medicine; and the kidnapping of underage girls for recruitment into a household of odalisques (multiple brides). The technology of Atlantis and its contact with other continents is covered, as well as its ethics and mores.