Classifieds » Submissions » New Horror Anthology Open for Submissions

Classifieds » Submissions » New Horror Anthology Open for Submissions

New Horror Anthology Open for Submissions


New Horror Anthology Open for Submissions. Full details here

Details also listd below


MASHED : The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror! (Tentative Title)

Short Story Anthology – A Food Related Erotic Horror Anthology

What We Want: Stories that make us laugh, make our skin crawl and leave us feeling inappropriately aroused. Preferably all three! Combine food, eroticism and horror. Have fun!

Any sub-genre sci-fi, western, just keep it interesting and unexpected humor is always encouraged!

Must be your own original work of fiction. No fan fiction and no copyrighted material you do not own the rights to.

Story Length: (See Anthology Payment Guidelines For Details on Rates)

4-8 Stories 500-2500 pieces Pays up to $10, (.01c per word up to a maximum of $10)
4 Stories 2500-5k pieces (20k) Pays up to $20 (.005c per word up to a maximum of $20)
2 Stories 5-10k pieces (20k) Pays $30 (.005c per word up to a maximum of $30)

We will be purchasing first world anthology rights for E-book Format, Print & Audio. Rates above are for each individual format. The initial payment will be for E-book & Print Rights(Double the amounts listed above), The final payment(if executed) for audio rights will be only the amount listed above.

We will update the above story needs as spaces are filled.

Payment to Authors: Will be via Paypal, See the Anthology Payment Guidelines for full details.

Simultaneous Submissions: As an author myself, I get it! We accept simultaneous submissions, just let us know if your work gets accepted elsewhere as quickly as possible.

Multiple & Reprint Submissions: We do not accept multiple submissions. If your first piece is rejected, you may query about a second piece, but do not send until given approval. We do not accept reprints.

Response Time: We will strive to respond to all manuscripts as quickly as possible, but expect 30-60 days.

Automatic rejections: If we notice a lot of obvious grammatical and basic technical errors, story will be rejected no matter how good the content is.

How to Submit:

Send your story via email per the guidelines below to submissions (AT)

In the body of your email or in the first page of your document, provide a brief cover letter that includes:
• Your name (Pen Name if used) and contact information
• Title of your story and word count
• A short author bio (150 words or fewer)
• Links to any relevant social media &/or prior publishing credits

Formatting: Send in double spaced, RTF, DOC or Pages format. Keep special formatting to a minimum. If it’s not important to the story don’t do it.

If you really want to snail mail a copy of your story, you may do so to
Grivante Press
PO Box 1392
Sagle, ID 83860

Hard copies will not be returned! Include an SASE &/or full contact details for a response.

Planned publication date: 2017(We’ll get more specific once we narrow in on it, expect end of 2017 until notified otherwise), but our plan is by the end of May. We will publish in e-book and print pretty much simultaneously and will begin work on an audiobook version shortly thereafter.

Submission close date: 01/31/17 or when filled