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Straight River

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Award-winning author Chris Norbury's latest novel, STRAIGHT RIVER, is a fast-paced, tension-building story set during the emotional and financial aftermath of the Great Recession.
Two mysterious deaths compel Matt Lanier, a professional musician by trade, into a search for the killer. With no superhero skills other than his brilliant musical mind and razor-sharp hearing, Lanier quickly uncovers a land-grab conspiracy that could mean financial ruin or death for thousands of farmers . . . and for himself.
If you're a fan of unique characters who defy all odds and stand up against powerful, ruthless foes, then you'll love this story of a musician/hero who marches to a different drummer.

Buy STRAIGHT RIVER--the first book in the Matt Lanier mystery-thriller series--and start your music-laced thrill ride today.

  • 2019 Kindle Book Review (KBR) Awards Semifinalist, Mystery/Thriller

  • 2019 Chanticleer Book Review CLUE Awards Finalist, Suspense & Thriller Fiction

This well-told story has a compelling and brilliant plotline. Engaging and twisty (there were several places where "I didn't see that coming!") --this book is a page-turner that kept me up well into the night. --Laurie Buchanan, author of Note to Self and The Business of Being. Norbury pens an extremely suspenseful, hard-to-put-down thriller in this prequel to CASTLE DANGER. The author hooks the reader with intrigue from the early pages and never lets go. --Valerie Biel, author of the Circle of Nine series.