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  • The New York Pitch Conference successfully assists and promotes aspiring authors writing in the genres of commercial and literary fiction, serious and light women's fiction, historical fiction, mystery/thriller and detective, urban fantasy, high-concept young adult, as well as memoir and narrative nonfiction. As attendees work closely in a relaxed small-group environ with conference professionals (see more below), they are provided with the skills and knowledge necessary to stand a realistic chance of success in today's tough novel market. Please note that the NYPC works directly with publishers from major houses who are the decision-makers, as opposed to literary agents who petition the decision-makers. Closer to the market, many of our publishing house editors have upwards of two decades in the book business.

    In consideration of the fact that writers must network in the industry, learn how to properly pitch, and produce a novel worthy of pitching in the first place, the NYPC enables them to obtain the following:

    An opportunity to have their novel manuscript selected and read by acquisition editors from major publishing houses. The odds are currently running 1/3 for selection based on the quality of pitches and writers in attendance (due to workshop efforts to create great pitches and manuscripts, vigorous screening of potential attendees, and the conference itself which attracts top talent). Please understand, however, that selection does not assure publication.

    Novel deconstruction and analysis from the best qualified industry professionals (editors, authors, and teachers of writing) that addresses the major fictional elements of plot, character, complication, and resolution, among others--the purpose being to not only assist writers with creating competitive projects, but prepare them pre-pitch to receive maximum productive reaction from publishing house editors.

    Knowledge of the latest bewares, trends, and needs of the book market at the source: the New York publishing world.

    Ability to directly apply the above knowledge to the matter of the pitch itself, i.e., written and oral emphasis on logs/keynotes, premise/high concept, comparables, credentials, genre, and the composition of the project synopsis.

    Networking opportunities with industry professionals and other writers in an artistic and relaxed setting. The conference screening process assures writers chosen for the New York Pitch Conference are a few notches above. In other words, writers will not be closed in a room with people who don't know a plot point from a character arc.

    Opportunities, depending on writer and project, to interact with faculty following the conference for purposes of obtaining agency representation, or editorial assistance, as needed.

    Project validation or plan for validation. The conference method enables writers to obtain either validation of their novel project (understanding the novel premise/plot is commercially viable), or knowledge of what they must do to create a competitive novel project in the context of today's market.

    Writers will shop and pitch, i.e., attend workshops and then pitch their novel to four different editors from major publishing houses during the length of the New York Pitch Conference, all shops and sessions alternating on a fixed schedule, and mandatory. Writers will shop and pitch methodically. The editors realize this method provides maximum benefit to the writer. If editors see commercial potential in the premise/plot/concept they WILL ask for the ms and read it. Workshop leaders also read work, depending on the needs of the editors and writers.
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    9/23/12 at 2:00 AM
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