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  • Marketing Your Self-Publi...
    In my last article about marketing your self-published book I talked about creating your author platform. Part of the creation of that platform will naturally (hopefully) be some kind of blog or website that showcases your work. Other than a ve...
  • How to Format an Email Qu...
    How to format an email query letter to an agent or publisher.
  • How Google Alerts Can Hel...
    In the ongoing quest for connections, readers, and book buyers, authors need to be aware of the online tools that can help them build a solid web presence. One that is based on more than the foundation (though solid enough) of content alone. Co...
  • Writing Tips for Fiction ...
    We can imagine that it goes without saying that in order to be a great writer you need to be a great reader. Yet there are countless authors who have offered this advice and countless writers who have ignored it. Whatever genre you're in, read ...

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Finding a Market for Your Fiction


Where can I publish my work? One of the most difficult decisions after you complete a novel, short story or article is where to submit, which markets are buying, and what each market pays for accepted submissions.


If you are writing short stories or articles, there are many markets for your work. The most difficult part can be finding the market that is the best fit for your work. Use our market lists of fiction, non-fiction, book and screenplay markets for find the right target before you submit.


Where can I publish my short stories? Use our list of fiction markets to search for specific markets, and check the market's submission guidlines via the links provided. Pay attention to pay rates, and always submit your work to the most appropriate and highest paying markets first.


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    Marketing Your Self-Published Book – Social Media for Writers
    • December 20
  • Patricia LaCroix
    Patricia LaCroix Would you sell your book for $1.36 per download? Kindle Unlimited seems to spell trouble for authors in the KD program. 
    ht...  more
    • December 20
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    How to Format an Email Query Letter
    • December 17
  • Patricia LaCroix
    Patricia LaCroix Here is an article that I found on a blog recently that discusses what it really takes to get your query letter seen. The author does you the favor of providing several agents to whom you may submit, and gives you advice about how to catch their attention...  more
    • December 17
  • Patricia LaCroix
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    How Google Alerts Can Help You Build an Organic Web Presence
    • December 16
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    Patricia LaCroix Tough crowd... lol
    • December 14
  • Patricia LaCroix
    Patricia LaCroix "Value is a tricky word. Loaded down with a lot of baggage. It speaks to dollar amounts. It speaks to self-esteem. It speaks to moral and spiritual significance. The value of your wordmonkeying has a chameleonic (not a word, shut up) component: whate...  more
    • December 14
  • Patricia LaCroix
    Patricia LaCroix posted a new article:
    Writing Tips for Fiction Authors
    • December 14
  • Patricia LaCroix
    Patricia LaCroix With all of the changes being made,
    Facebook is not necessarily the best place to promote your book
    anymore. Goodreads is popping-up quite a lot lately as a great
    resource for writers looking for reviews, and on the social end Google+ gives writers the op...  more
    • December 14
  • Patricia LaCroix
    Patricia LaCroix Just because you're 'new' to the writing game, does not mean that you shouldn't take yourself seriously. The only way to get yourself from 'writer' to 'published author' is to believe that you have something of value to offer and then make sure you're ser...  more
    • December 14


Recent Market and Agent Listings

  • Posted by Admin - November 23 - 170 views - 0 comments - 1 like
    Terraform submission guidelines and market information. Accepts near future science fiction. Pays 20 cents / word.
  • Posted by Admin - October 15 - 169 views - 0 comments - 1 like
    David Vigliano, Literary Agent
    Celebrity Non-Fiction
  • Posted by Admin - October 6 - 192 views - 1 comment - 1 like
    Catherine Ryan Howard's excellent blog covering all things related to self-publishing
  • Posted by Admin - September 18 - 250 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
    1501 Broadway, Suite 2310, New York, NY 10036
    Gail Hochman, Literary Agent
    1501 Broadway, Suite 2310
    New York, NY 10036
    Thriller, Suspense, Commercial Fiction, Short Stories, Biography, Current Affairs, Cultural and Social Issues, History
  • Posted by Admin - September 14 - 255 views - 1 comment - 0 likes
    136 East 57th Street, 14th Floor, New York, NY 10022
    Fredrica Friedman, Literary Agent
    136 East 57th Street, 14th Floor
    New York, NY 10022