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  • Writing a Book Review
    The main thing to remember when you're writing a book review is that it is meant to be a critical evaluation, a commentary on your own opinion that offers an argument. A very brief summary is included of course, but only to give the reader th...
  • Self-Publishing The Old F...
    Before there were online publishing websites, self-publishers did things a little differently. Self-publishing bore a striking resemblance to traditional publishing, except the authors wore every hat and did all of the work by themselves - unless the...
  • Marketing Your Self-Publi...
    In the beginning of every career, there is a time when you have to pay your dues from the bottom rung – or near the bottom at least. As writers, because of the solitary nature of our craft and the fact that we may not exactly enjoy having to mi...
  • Writing Dialogue ~ Is 'He...
    Although we're not likely to enjoy hearing this, dialogue may be the single most important aspect of any novel. Most editors will go directly to a dialogue portion of your manuscript before reading anything else. This is because the dialogue in...

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Finding a Market for Your Fiction


Where can I publish my work? One of the most difficult decisions after you complete a novel, short story or article is where to submit, which markets are buying, and what each market pays for accepted submissions.


If you are writing short stories or articles, there are many markets for your work. The most difficult part can be finding the market that is the best fit for your work. Use our market lists of fiction, non-fiction, book and screenplay markets for find the right target before you submit.


Where can I publish my short stories? Use our list of fiction markets to search for specific markets, and check the market's submission guidlines via the links provided. Pay attention to pay rates, and always submit your work to the most appropriate and highest paying markets first.


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Recent Market and Agent Listings

  • Posted by Admin - February 8 - 65 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
    Jane Chelius, Literary Agent
    Mystery, Thriller, Suspence, Literary Fiction, Humor, Commercial Fiction
  • Posted by Admin - February 8 - 85 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
    Anna Ghosh, Literary Agent
    Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Commercial Fiction, Adventure, Science, Biography, Psychology, Religion, Spirituality
  • Posted by Admin - February 5 - 88 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
    Marcy Posner, Literary Agent
    Women's Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult, Health, Fitness, Biography, Spirituality, History, Business, Finance
  • Posted by Admin - February 5 - 83 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
    Philip G. Spitzer, Literary Agent
    Thriller, Suspense, Mystery, Literary Fiction, Sports, Current Affairs, Memoirs, Politics
  • Posted by Admin - February 5 - 85 views - 0 comments - 0 likes
    Andrea Somberg, Literary Agent
    Family Saga, Chick Lit, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Young Adult, Literary Fiction, Middle Grade, Science Fiction, History, Business, Travel, How-To, Science, Health, Fitness